24 CFR 35.130 Lead hazard information pamphlet.
If provision of a lead hazard information pamphlet is required in subparts D and F through M of this part, the designated party shall provide to each occupied dwelling unit to which subparts D and F through M of this part apply, the lead hazard information pamphlet developed by EPA, HUD and the Consumer Product Safety Commission pursuant to section 406 of the Toxic Substances Control Act (15 U.S.C. 2686), or an EPA-approved alternative; except that the designated party need not provide a lead hazard information pamphlet if the designated party can demonstrate that the pamphlet has already been provided in accordance with the lead-based paint notification and disclosure requirements at Sec. 35.88(a)(1), or 40 CFR 745.107(a)(1) or in accordance with the requirements for hazard education before renovation at 40 CFR part 745, subpart E.

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