Project Name:  
Building Systems to Sustain Home-Based Asthma Services

Project Funder: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Project Partners: Coming Soon

Project Contact: Amanda Reddy,

Project Description: 
NCHH is collaborating with EPA to support the launch and growth of large-scale, evidence-based, sustainable asthma home visiting programs. NCHH will provide training and technical assistance to help state agencies and other stakeholders design and implement asthma home visiting programs by providing guidance on Medicaid reimbursement opportunities and other financing options, staffing and training, referrals and eligibility, assessments and interventions, community resources, case management protocols, supplies and services, scaling up, and reporting. See the figure below for additional details.

The implementation of asthma home visiting programs has traditionally been limited in scale, but recent changes resulting from healthcare reform have increased opportunities for states to consider more sustainable and widespread implementation. Some states have already invested heavily in developing programs, policies, and funding to widen the geographic scope of existing asthma home visiting programs and sustain existing efforts. However, many states may be unsure about how to translate experiences in other states into action in their own state. NCHH will lead a team of experts and partners to help catalyze the translation of this information by supporting key state-level staff who want to drive the development of an asthma home visiting program. NCHH will identify and work with these change leaders to emphasize the effectiveness of home visiting programs, assess their state’s existing structure for implementation, determine appropriate training, and support them through the challenge of implementation.

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